Do you ever have that moment? That moment when you feel like anything is possible? Not just possible, but feasible. Realistic. It comes once in a blue moon and hits you by surprise. Like a train. Or a mugger. A couple of Sundays ago I had that moment. I stood in a park in Central Read more about Neverland[…]

Adoption this, adoption that – blah blah blah…

These days I find myself dropping the word ‘adoption’ into every other sentence I utter. Every other thought is about adoption and I’m constantly seeing the world through Potential Adopter’s Eyes. (I’m sure this must be some kind of syndrome, though I haven’t yet got round to Googling it for confirmation…) I find myself noticing Read more about Adoption this, adoption that – blah blah blah…[…]

Time to panic?

A feeling of uneasiness remained with me long after we’d said goodbye to Trudy. I guess I’d been very excited about meeting the person that was going to be shepherding  as along this life-changing event. I’d imagined Trudy (or any social worker for that matter) to be ballsy, direct and efficient which a generous pinch Read more about Time to panic?[…]

Tentative Trudy

We approached our first meeting with our allocated social worker with some trepidation. Ethan had spoken with her once on the phone and found her to be a little… tentative. He had the distinct impression that she wasn’t really ‘on it’. Ethan and I are both that way and appreciate this quality in others: especially Read more about Tentative Trudy[…]