February 9, 2017



Your adoption agency’s independent Adoption Panel will review the information prepared by your social worker and consider it in detail. You would then normally be invited to attend the first part of the panel’s meeting should you wish to do so.

We were pleasantly surprised at how smooth the process was… It helped that the panel chair came out to meet us before commencing the meeting and helped calm our nerves.

The adoption panel is made up of adoption experts and experienced adopters and is independent of the adoption agency. It is their job to make a judgement on your suitability to be an adoptive parent. The panel meet to consider all the evidence presented to them and then make a recommendation back to the agency.

The adoption panel’s recommendation should be made within four months of the beginning of Stage 2 of the assessment.


Once the adoption panel have made a recommendation your adoption agency’s decision maker will decide if you are suitable to adopt. The decision maker is a nominated person within the adoption agency who has the legal responsibility to make an approval decision. In most circumstances the decision maker accepts the adoption panel’s recommendation.

If you are approved the agency should inform you about the role of Adoption Match and with your permission refer you as soon as possible and no later than three months.