In The Beginning…

So James and I have been together just short of 3 years (so we’ve cheated a little on the 3 years part of our blog title!) I have always dreamed of being a parent, but growing up gay had resigned myself to the thought that it would never be a reality. Then when I reached adulthood and found myself in a loving, stable, longterm relationship, I came up with more excuses as to why we couldn’t have kids – ‘the timing isn’t right’, ‘I need to have reached a certain point in my career’, ‘What if our child gets bullied for having 2 dads?’, ‘Will society frown upon us?’…. the list went on….

Then one day, a few months ago, I came to the realisation that I really wanted to be a father. I’d recently had a phone conversation with my sister who has 2 beautiful children and she explained firmly that there is NEVER  a right time – for most people kids arrive and you have to get on with it. It was clear that I was delaying my happiness when there was no need to.

That night I made my feelings known to James who also revealed that he really was keen for us to be parents and had kind of  been waiting patiently for me to be ready. And that was that! That night we started exploring the world of Adoption – we’d always felt very strongly that, were we ever to become parents, we’d do it through adoption as there are already so many children on the planet in need of loving, safe homes.

So making the decision was the easy(ish) part…. it was time for us to do some serious homework….


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