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In my defence, the Sat Nav took us to completely the wrong place, even though it was the correct postcode. If it wasn’t for that, we would have been on time! That’s all I have to say on that particular subject.

Ethan has a little more time on his hands than those of us who have full time jobs. He can also be quite obsessive. You can expect to hear a little more from him on this blog than from me for that very reason.

Some of Ethan's notes from calls with various agencies

Some of Ethan’s notes from calls with various agencies

Anyway, after we left the Sutton we at least felt a little clearer on what direction we needed to go in. We needed to find an authority or agency that was the right fit for us.

I used the BAAF website (see Useful Links page) to search for adoption agencies, both Local Authority and Voluntary, near our postcode. Lots of options came up, and Ethan called and researched them all. He spoke to one very proper sounding lady at Coram who was horrified that we lived on the high street (it’s a very busy road) and didn’t have a garden: talk about making potential adopters feel encouraged! Needless to say, we didn’t call them back. The biggest part of our conundrum was the ‘spare bedroom’ issue. We don’t have one and its a must: some agencies won’t even meet you without a spare room already in place.

As well as researching agencies, Ethan was looking at ways to network, meet other potential adopters and find out more about the whole process from people going through it. He found New Family Social, a website for adopters from the LGBT community. He got us signed up and spent nearly £4 in calls getting them to approve our accounts (outrageous). You’ll notice during these posts that I’m quite, um, frugal!

One VA that particularly appealed was Mosaic, a subsidiary of Action for Children, an agency that specialised in placing Black Minority Ethnic children, which we’re perfectly placed for, being a chocolate and vanilla swirl of a couple. They were also happy for us to start the process without a room in place (phew).

Ethan called Mosaic and spoke to the duty social worker, making an appointment for us for mid May. We were definitely on our way!

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