Pre Stage One Meeting

The day of our very first private meeting with Mosaic had arrived. Even the night before I kept thinking that this was going to be a ‘big day’. Although I realise that now that we’ve embarked on this process there are a hell of a lot more ‘big days’ ahead of us.

Now, as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts I have strong feelings when it comes to time-keeping and made sure that I arrived at Mosaic with 15mins to spare. James and I were arriving separately due to the fact that he was coming from work and worked very close to Mosaic. There was no way he’d be late, right?! On arrival at Mosaic I was taken into a waiting room and told that Anne (not her real name) would come and meet myself and James at 4pm. I was too nervous to sit so found myself pacing the room, taking in various pamphlets and leaflets on adoption and fostering. At this point I decided I’d better find out where James was. I called his mobile. No answer. I tried again. Still no answer. I wasn’t happy.  6 more attempts  or so later and I had resigned myself to the fact that James was going to be late. Panic set in! What if they judge us to be unsuitable parents if one of us can’t even get to an appointment on time?!

At that moment Anne arrived and must’ve immediately registered the panic on my face. “There’s no problem. We can wait,” she said, reassuringly with a smile. She led me upstairs to our meeting room where she left me alone to get another chair and bits and pieces. Out came the phone again…. Still no reply… ‘How could James be doing this to me?!’

A few moments later James had arrived, the 3 of us were sat down and there wasn’t really any time for me to be miffed at James as our ‘assessment’ had begun and I had to show Anne how laid-back and easy going I was… hmmm…… James was lucky that I had to be on my best behaviour!

Anyway, what followed was a 3 hour discussion about a whole range of things. The pre stage one meeting is the opportunity for the adoption agency to get a feel for prospective adopters before they actually put in a request to begin the process with Stage 1. We were asked about our family trees, our upbringings, our experience with children. We talked about how James and I had met and become a couple. We were asked about why we had decided adoption was for us. We had the opportunity to express concerns and ask questions. It was a really relaxed setting and Anne was really good at making us feel at ease. I can imagine that a lot of people find this kind of detailed ‘interviewing’ slightly intrusive and difficult, but myself and James have never been shy about talking about ourselves. It seemed that no stone had been left unturned and that Anne definitely had a good understanding of who we were and what we were about. In summarising our meeting she told us that we seemed like good candidates, with a good understanding of what adoption might entail and the kinds of challenges (and rewards) that we might encounter.

The next step was for us to go home and fill out our Registration Of Interest (ROI) form so that we could officially apply to begin the adoption process with Mosaic.

We’d taken another tiny step forward. Eeek!

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