The ‘ROI’ Form

So, we waited for the form. It arrived at 4.43pm on Monday 11th May: not bad as we’d only met on the Friday. It was printed in orange ink. I think it’s the only document I’ve ever come across to contain orange text! Anyway, the process of completing the form itself didn’t take long. Less than an hour between us, but we took a week to send the form back. This wasn’t ‘cold feet’ on our part. The concept of ‘concurrent planning’ and ‘foster to adopt’ ad come up and we were thinking about whether either of these options might suit us. Partially because it would possibly enable us to speed the process up.

However, Ethan did his usual detailed research (more on that in ‘Concurrent Planning Vs Fostering for Adoption’ post) and it became apparent that this would be an extremely challenging and arduous process with no guarantee at the end that you’d end up with a child that would be your own. That swung it for us and we both decided that it just don’t sound feasible on any level, not least in terms of the emotional endurance required and the catastrophic disappointment should things not go our way.

This slowed down the completion of the form by a few days. We didn’t actually get it all filled out and sent back until the following Monday. Now we had to wait to see if we were going to be accepted to Stage 1… Tick, tock!

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