Will we be accepted onto Stage 1?

A lot of the adoption process is all about WAITING! Waiting for various people to fulfil their end of the bargain. It may be waiting for a social worker to get back to you, waiting for a reference to come through, waiting for the child of your dreams…. All the adoption forums seem to say the same thing: ‘Get used to waiting!’

Now I’m not the most patient of people – you might have gathered that from my frustrations with James being 1 minute late! We were told that we would get an answer about whether or not we were going to be accepted onto Stage 1 within 5 working days of us submitting our ROI. Well James had scanned and emailed our completed form on Thursday and the coming Monday was a Bank Holiday so he reckoned that we’d probably hear by Friday…

Hmmm… surely if it was good news and Mosaic wanted to accept us we’d hear sooner than that?! Why would it take 5 days to hear the word ‘yes’….? Tuesday came and went and we heard nothing. Wednesday I was checking my phone for missed calls and emails every few minutes, convinced that today was the day we’d hear something. It wasn’t. Come Thursday and I couldn’t take the waiting any longer. I called James on my lunch break, keen to share my anxiety with someone! By the end of the phone call James had agreed to give Anne a call to see what the deal was. I then went back into a rehearsal studio where there was  no phone reception. Great!

Hours later, when I finished rehearsals I had a missed call from James and a text that simply said ‘call me’. My heart sank; it was so obviously bad news. I dialled James but couldn’t get through. On the 4th try I had resigned myself to the fact that the whole thing was over before it had begun. Then James called. ‘We’ve been accepted onto Stage 1,’ he informed me a little too casually for my liking. Why hadn’t he just said that in the text?!!!!!!!

Anyway, we were to expect an acceptance letter and welcome pack the next day, Friday. Did it come? No. Did it come on Saturday? No. More waiting. Our letter finally arrived a whole lifetime after it was supposed to (Monday). Then I had to WAIT until James got back from work so we could open it together.  On opening the envelope  we found our official acceptance letter which also gave us the name of our allocated Social Worker. The letter stated that we needed all sorts of paperwork and documents ready to show her and also included an agreement plan, a few questionnaires, and workbooks that were to prepare us for thinking about the sorts of topics we’d be covering over the course of the whole process.

Our Social Worker would be in contact in due course to arrange our very first home visit! Exciting! Hopefully she’d make contact really promptly.

Now all we had to do was….WAIT…..

4 thoughts on “Will we be accepted onto Stage 1?

  • Really great to read the start of your journey James! You need to get used to a lot of waiting–adoption took a very long time for us (although I think things are much quicker now than a while ago) but we’ve now had our daughter for 3 years and it’s definitely been worth it. If you ever need anyone to chat to we’d love to offer our support and experience any way we can

    Caroline xx

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