Short but not so sweet

Most people know that adoption isn’t an easy road to go down. It’s tough… but should it be this tough?!

3 months have passed since our last update. Not because we’ve been so busy making great headway with the whole process that we simply haven’t had time, but rather because it pretty much ground to a complete halt. Both James and I had gotten so tired of writing negative posts that we decided it was best not to write anything at all. We also thought that readers would soon grow tired of the lack of positivity and traction. To be honest things aren’t exactly great at the moment but we thought it was time to give a brief insight into what’s been happening – or rather what hasn’t!

  1. Since our last post we’ve completed the last 2 of the 4 adoption prep/training days. They left a lot to be desired…sigh! We were supposed to meet with an adopter on the final day to talk us through their experiences but Mosaic failed to organise this…
  2. When trying to find out what the hold up was we waited weeks to hear from our agency. Eventually we found out that the agency’s medical advisor wasn’t happy to sign off my medical and so had requested more info about my mental health. A couple of weeks later we found out that the agency had received some information from my old mental health clinic that was ‘of concern’ and would require us to withdraw from the process. Long story short, we contested it heavily as it simply was untrue. Mosaic were very unhelpful and insisted that the onus was on us to disprove this information.  We chased them with emails only to be met with radio silence.
  3. Eventually we had to COMPLAIN ONCE AGAIN via the official channels only to hear from Mosaic extremely soon afterwards (surprise surprise) that they had, in fact, received the wrong information about me. We were furious that we’d had to resort to lodging a complaint before hearing from them.
  4. We resolved to move agency – enough was enough! We met with a new agency but learned that we’d simply have to start the whole thing again, completely from scratch. All the references, all the endless checks would have to be done again. Though this new agency were great we were both in agreement that we simply couldn’t face starting the whole thing again.
  5. Mosaic STILL require a new up to date psychiatric evaluation before we can proceed to Stage 2….

So the wait continues… We now have to wait for me to have this psychiatric evaluation which will inevitably add another few weeks to a process that has dragged out over 9 months – remember Stage 1 is supposed to take a mere 2 months! We’re tired and have lost morale but are determined to see this through. It’s a case of ‘better the devil you know’ with regards to our decision to stay with Mosaic. We are under no illusions that Mosaic are the ideal agency we could’ve had. I guess in some ways we have to manage our expectations and resolve to make the best of a bad situation. Besides, when we eventually get to hold our little boy in our arms, it will all have been worth it. Until then, the slog continues.

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