For a start off I should say that Introductions for us seems like a distant memory….. It’s now 3 months since we brought the boys home and our life was completed up-ended so updating this blog has felt like a near impossible task! But fear not, I shall endeavour to try and complete it with Read more about Introductions![…]

Back On Track

To say that our adoption journey thus far has been a rollercoaster would be the biggest understatement of the year! We’ve had more twists, turns, dips and jolts than even the most far-fetched of soap storylines. And these last few weeks have been no less unpredictable. So just when we’d resigned ourselves to the fact Read more about Back On Track[…]

Will depression cost me parenthood?

We haven’t done a new post in a while and that’s partly to do with the fact that not a lot is happening with our adoption process at the moment, and partly to do with the fact that we’ve both been incredibly busy. However there’s been an area of our lives that I’ve been wanting Read more about Will depression cost me parenthood?[…]

P*ss up in a brewery!

The time came for us to attend our first two training days: we arrived at our Voluntary Agency (suitcase in tow) on day one, hopeful of making new friends with like-minded people. The suitcase gave us a certain ‘jet-setter’ vibe (at least I think it did) so we were looking fresh, exclusive and ready to Read more about P*ss up in a brewery![…]


Do you ever have that moment? That moment when you feel like anything is possible? Not just possible, but feasible. Realistic. It comes once in a blue moon and hits you by surprise. Like a train. Or a mugger. A couple of Sundays ago I had that moment. I stood in a park in Central Read more about Neverland[…]

Time to panic?

A feeling of uneasiness remained with me long after we’d said goodbye to Trudy. I guess I’d been very excited about meeting the person that was going to be shepherding  as along this life-changing event. I’d imagined Trudy (or any social worker for that matter) to be ballsy, direct and efficient which a generous pinch Read more about Time to panic?[…]

Tentative Trudy

We approached our first meeting with our allocated social worker with some trepidation. Ethan had spoken with her once on the phone and found her to be a little… tentative. He had the distinct impression that she wasn’t really ‘on it’. Ethan and I are both that way and appreciate this quality in others: especially Read more about Tentative Trudy[…]